Tuesday, June 12, 2012

GEMS, Necklaces and My Best Buddy!

YES, I am selling these on ebay...for a fraction of their value. Do I need the cash?  Yes.  Appearing on the left is old-stock Tiger's Eye Agate with mesmerizing heliotrope chatoyancy. It also goes by the name of Iron Stone, and this particular chunk was formed in Australia.  Fascinating as its ever-changing bands are, it's over shadowed by the crystals in the Ocean Wave Jasper  and the finely colored spiderweb turquoise teardrops.  I offered my best-ever childhood friend any of my hundreds of necklaces she wanted...and she shunned these two stunning creations and went for a dozen of my simplest treasures.  She deliberated for quite a while.  She's modeling one of her choices below, a "Dragon's Blood" agate.

It was hard work deciding. Can you see how my Buddy struggled? See if it's easier for you to decide which is the nicest. Just look me up on ebay using the "Advanced Search" and type in my Seller Name: RunningHorse48...and see what's currently offered. (It changes all of the time.) 
Both my Buddy and I have a long history of admiring, collecting and now wearing beautiful stones. I had to part with my gem, fossil and rock collection to move into the RV. The hardest to give up were the geodes, particularly the Thunderegg collection. Having so many Thunderegg Slice Necklaces helped me survive the separation crisis. So how did we get our energy back from our decision making? ...by going to The Olive Garden, where the menu asked us for much simpler choices.
 I had my own hard choices to make.  I would love to stay with my Best Buddy in Arizona forever, but it was time to fly to Salt Lake City to visit my children and the growing-up-to-fast grandkids.  The views during my flight almost overwhelmed me with their intriguing geology.  The one above is of an area in a protection battle right now.
 This view from the plane is THE GOAL:  Hike Mountain Timpanogos with as many of the family who can stand the all-day hike.  I signed up at Gold's Gym as soon as the plane landed to get closer to this goal!
 The grandkids look so grown-up compared to my last personal assessment.  And they seemed more interested in the big screen than their grandma...except baby Zeke.  He's made of love!
Can you read the words on this cake?  Maybe they did miss me after all.  They still like chocolate cake, I do know that.  Look at the picture below to see how little chocolate missed their mouths.

The grandbaby who changed the most while I was off camphosting was baby Izzy.  She was now bigger than her baby dolls!
So...It's wonderful to be among my extra-darling family again...but there's still the hard matter of making a living.   As a grandma, it's so important to buy toys, and more toys.  Please remember to look me up on ebay using the "Advanced Search",  type in my Seller Name: RunningHorse48...and see if there's something that interests you.  Thank you!....sincerely.


  1. Here's your page, if that helps others to find it.

    I love the crazy lace necklace, but I'm too simple and plain for such a piece. You could probably do well on Etsy, but you probably know that already and eBay suits your purposes better. Good luck.


  2. I really do wear my necklaces...even when pulling weeds. I've just discovered Chakra and know now why I love crystals and gems so much. They have been working hard to make me feel well, and I've always known and appreciated that fact. But I still don't understand how their vibrating in sync can increase your positive energy so much. Learning new things is still the best!


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